DREAMER FTY  夢廠  Presents

2015.09.22 4:00 p.m.

展期 / TIME
2015.09.22 – 10.03


杭州市南山路202号 恒庐美术馆

HanHouse,No.202 Nanshan Road, Hangzhou, China



夢廠(DREAMER factory)作为活动主办方,一直致力于探索作为艺术的“版画”和作为技术“印刷”两者的联系,并践行自主出版、限量印刷,推广版画,试图寻找版画的艺术性和最初的传播性之间的一个平衡点。这也正是我们对IMPACT9提出的《“后印刷时代”的版画》这一议题进行的思考和实验。



DREAMER art book fair is going to be held in Hangzhou on September 24, 2015. This activity gets academic support from printmaking department of China Academy of Art, and it will be held as relevant exhibition activity during IMPACT9 international printmaking conference.

As the organizer of the activity, DREAMER factory devotes itself to exploring the relationship between fine art “printmaking” and technical “printing”. It also practices independent publishing and limited printing, trying to seek a balance between the artistic nature of printmaking and original spread. It is also our thinking and experiment on the topic of “Printmaking in the Post-Printing Age” proposed in IMPACT9.

Starting from the “book”, it displays the young status of applied printmaking such as current diversified self-publishing and artist books. DREAMER art book fair will discuss the printing before the establishment of book and the space after the completion of book under the context of book. Holding the wish of sharing and communicating openly, we will hold this activity together with independent publishing organization—-BANANAFISH BOOKS and well-developed network self-media—-Wulun.org (Youth Art Platform established in New York). The content of book fair comes from different areas in the world. On this occasion, we will invite several creators to have a dialogue on-site. We strive to develop a comprehensive, wonderful, and vigorous modern independent media scene.