abC(art book in China)Art Book Fair

Founded in 2015, abC has been dedicated to promoting local artists’ books and independent publications in China as well as introducing excellent global publishers and institutions to establish a profound multilateral dialogue.  As the most professional exhibition of artist’s book and expo of independent publications, abC Art Book Fair takes place in Beijing (SS) and Shanghai (AW) respectively. It has been developing distinct influence in fields of contemporary art, design, and publishing, welcoming over hundred thousands of publishers, media platforms and visitors around the world.


2019 Workteam

General Directors: Yue Zhou / Sasha Zhao

Publishing Director: Qindi Hu

Media & Branding: Sasha Zhao

Exhibition Specialist & Liaison: Yaya Liu

Exhibition Coordinator: Milkmanegg

Content Editors: Ticket Yu / Jiney Chu

Exhibition Designers: Daisy Dai / Yichi Wang

Visual Designers: Zijian Chen


abC Global Art Publishing We-Media

In Feburary 2018, abC initiated the new content media platform, with Wechat public account as its main output portal to communicate and share with the audience. The platform keep pushing the internationally cutting-edge information and news in the field of art publishing. With professional insight and relaxing view, abC We-Media dedicates to bring fresh news and broader horizon to local audience as well as widen the boundary of “Book”.



DREAMER FTY, founded in 2017, takes self-publishing as a medium of art creation, bridging together a variety of independent creators. Currently, DREAMER FTY acts as the publishing project of art book in China.


ABCA(Art Book in China Archive)

Since its launch in 2018, ABCA has began to collect and file art publications of outstanding artists and independent publishers. It commits to review the history of Chins’s art publishing, document advanced practices, assist and originate academic research in this field. As a long-term project, ABCA is open to aspiring researchers and institutions, with whom we expect to work together on its constant enrichment.


abC Art Book Salon

In 2019, abC stations in the art space of ZUCZUG as the first invited institution in “Chuoke’ s Guest Project” .  Rising in response to the proper time and conditions, abC Art Book Salon comes into being as a stage of art publishing. Through a series of book launch, talk, sharing, screening and workshop, we intend to facilitate local and international communication inside the industry, realize cross-border cooperations and construct a better creative ecological environment.


DreamCo. Bookstore

DreamCo. established in 2017, dedicating to distribute global pioneering publications. It provides a long-term distributing platform for worldwide artist’s books and independent publications appeared in abC Art Book Fair.


Address   B7-3A, 1st North Street, 798 Art Zone, Chanyang District, Beijing, PRC CHINA


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Address: B7-3A, 1st North Street, 798 Art Zone, Chanyang District, Beijing, PRC CHINA

Instagram: artbookinchina

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