Wu Zi Ji

by Shao Kun


date:  2019.03 (2nd edition)
page: 60 pages
size: 8.3cm × 10.4cm
binding: album inserts
numbers: 100


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Wuzi Ji (Wuzi Collection) is a collage notebook. Cut images from newspaper and magazine, tickets, stickers and other images from printed matter were collected by artist during the past 10 years. Artist’s unique taste and insight are revealed by his collection.

There are many products from contemporary life that can recall our memories. We keep its original album packaging, but change it into a small size. It takes days to manually put all the images into each page of the 100 albums. The artist insists on completing these repetitive steps with us, as well as adjusted every part of each page over and over again. It can be said that the design process of this book hardly uses software like Indesign.

There is a piece of sticker hidden in it, hope you find it and paste it somewhere else.