夢廠DREAMER FTY 是一个围绕“书”为主要媒介而展开的实践机构。基于“DREAMER Group”的创作或与其他艺术家合作,分为支线dreampress出版物、dreamgoods后文具品牌。这种日常创作还以U-to-pia工作坊的形式,游击到不同场所,渗入人群。




2015年开始,策划主办abC艺术书展 (art book in China),以反映和营造一个更好的中国自主出版生态。

DREAMER FTY is a creative working institution, focused on the book as its main media.
Based on the work of the DREAMER group and also in cooperation with other artists, will build two branches:  dreampress publications, and 隽dreamgoods post-stationery brand. This daily creation is also in theform of U-to-pia workshops, guerrilla to different places, offering many different people a chance to learn to create different types of art.
In the form of e-magezine since 2007, which transitioned to paper in 2010. And ROSE publishing in 2014 is a limited edition lithographic Artists’ book, in which we experiment with print art and its spread. This work is a shift from magazine to an art publication.

From 2015, presents art book fair named art book in China – abC/f, serves to reflect on and build a better Chinese self-publishing environment.