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The “Book Nomad” project is an initiative of abC (art book in China) Art Book Fair. Since the pandemic, abC has continued to cooperate and exchange with the global art publishing communities actively. Through projects such as “abC Online Art Book Fair” and “Book Reunited Nations,” abC continues to introduce overseas publications to Chinese readers, trying to bridge the information and cultural gap caused by objective conditions.


Under the curatorial theme of “Nomadic and Imagined,” the 7th abC Art Book Fair plans to launch the “Book Nomad” project to explore the possibilities of independent publishing and distribution through self-practice. We hope to bring cutting-edge, independent art publications from China and other countries and regions to global readers in a curated manner.

Focusing on “Asianness,” with the theme of “Nomadic and Imagined,” the project will select a collection of art publications, which will be sent to the next destination by logistics. We are now looking for suitable destinations (any country/region) and curators/spaces willing to join in the project.






The first edition of the “Book Nomad” project will focus on independent art publications related to “Asianness” and will be sent by logistics from Beijing to the next destination. We will invite the destination space to add 3-5 local publications to the book list and display the project for 1-2 weeks. After the exhibition, abC will coordinate the shipment to the next destination. The whole project will last for 1 year.

For those who wish to participate in this project – international art book fair organizers / independent art spaces focusing on art publishing / art bookstores with exhibition space – please send event / venue information to the project coordinator: Yaya Liu (
For publisher or artist who would like to contribute books to this project, please send your publication information to the content director: Yue Zhou (







Initiator | art book in China is responsible for
Works related to information integration of publications, coordination, liaison, media promotion, etc.
Costs that may be incurred during the exhibition of this Project at abC Art Book Fairs, including but not limited to exhibition set-up, production, etc;
The cost for shipping the book cabinet (transnationally) to the next destination;


Participant is responsible for
Costs that may be incurred during the exhibition of the Project at the participant’s space, including but not limited to exhibition set-up, production, etc;
The cost for shipping the book cabinet (transnationally) to the next destination;
*abC is willing to assist all participants in applying for subsidies from the relevant culture and art funds in their countries for the Project’s content.





abC expects that all exhibited publications will be well-preserved during the exhibition and shipping and intends to include these publications in the abC-initiated abCa (art book in China archive) after the itinerant tour. The archive specialist will contact each participant about the donation/purchase issues.

Please be aware that all exhibited books are at risk of being abraded, damaged, or lost during the itinerant tour. For this reason, we allow some of the exhibited publications to be displayed locally only, without participating in the subsequent tour, as the books may be rare or single-copy.





Please make sure all publications submitted to this project has obtained the prior consent from the copyright holder.
Please make sure all images and text provided to abC are free of third party rights, meaning copyrights and personal rights.
Please guarantee that it’s ok to use provided images and text, in full or in parts for:
the 2022 abC Art Book Fair Beijing/Shanghai printed catalogue;
abC Official Website:;
for advertisement purposes in the context of art book in China and other participators on our social media channels;
If any part has more authorizing requirements, please reconfirm via email.





牧书计划”由中国的abC (art book in China)艺术书展发起。自2020年疫情大流行之后,abC依旧积极保持与全球艺术出版界的合作与交流,通过“abC Online线上书展”、“全世界的书联合起来 Book Reunited Nations”等项目持续促成海外出版物与中国读者见面,力求弥合因客观条件造成的信息不畅与文化隔阂。第七届abC艺术书展计划在“游牧与想象”的策展主题之下,我们发起「牧书计划 Book Nomad」,以自我实践去探索独立出版发行与流通的延伸可能。希望将中国与其他国家和地区的前沿独立艺术出版物有策划性地带到身处异地的读者手中。









「牧书计划 Book Nomad」将由北京出发,通过邮寄的方式抵达下一个目的地。我们邀请目的地空间为此项目再加入3-5本当地的出版内容,并在目的地空间展示1-2周(至少)。展览结束后,abC将协调联络下一站目的地。


「牧书计划」第一阶段:2022年3月——2022年10月,如有意参与请于2022年8月16日之前与我们联系。2022年 abC艺术书展·上海 为第一阶段的最终站,将对「牧书计划」作阶段性的整理与呈现。


有意愿参与本项目者:比如国际艺术书展主办方/ 关注艺术出版的独立艺术空间 / 拥有展陈空间的艺术书店,请将活动/场地信息发送至项目协调工作人员:
刘小门 (
如果你是希望能够为本项目提供书籍的出版人与艺术家,请将出版物信息发送至内容负责人:周玥 (






发起者 | art book in China-abC