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2022-10 Milkx vol.53 "TEAMWORK "

X Conversation with Founder of abC Art Book Fair, Yue Zhou




2021-12 YISHU FALL/WINTER 2021 Issue 102

→Outsider Art Fairs Have Become the New "Insider"


2021-07-20 CAFA ART INFO

→ Books as a Medium: 2021 abC Art Book Fair re-connects communities


2021-07-18 hotpotatoes

→ VAI PURE. Reading Room of Art and Feminism


2021-07-10 中国网

→ The 6th abC Art Book Fair opens in Beijing


2021-07-09 中国环球电视网CGTN

Innovating books: 6th abC Art Book Fair opens in Beijing


2021-03 Stack magazines

→"Long live indie publications!"

The abC fair is also seeking to be stylish but down to earth at the same time.




2020-09-18 花椿

→Vol.3  女性が主役のアートブックフェアの台頭。




2019-08-11 Wooly

→ Wooly interviewed with the director of abC Art Book Fair, Yue Zhou, which leads art scene in China.


2019-06-10 中国环球电视网CGTN

→ Beijing book fair gathers independent publishers from around the globe

The abC fair is also seeking to be stylish but down to earth at the same time.


2019-06-07 IMA

→ 写真雑誌から読み解く、アジアとヨーロッパ写真のいま



2019-06-05  TimeOut

→ 7 things to do at the 2019 Art Book Fair Beijing

Happening from Friday June 7 till Sunday June 9, we’re talking three full days of gawking at aesthetically pleasing layouts, photo prints, and handcrafted bookbinders. With a full range of activities to partake in like workshops, book launches and showcases, you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to do. To help you make the most of it, here are seven things you have to do.


2019-06-02 the Beijinger

→ What to Expect at This Year’s Art Book in China (abC) Fair, Jun 6-9

The fourth annual art book in China (abC) fair lands in Beijing next week, bringing with it a total 162 exhibitors, featuring leading indie publishers and artists from in and outside of China. The festival will take up residence at the Beijing Times Art Museum from Jun 6-9. 




2018-1107 大滝(crevasse

→ 上海アートブックフェア『abC(art book in China)Art Book Fair 2018』レポート


2018-12-04 RADII

→ #ChinaGrams: Highlights from Indie Zine-Fest Art Book in China


2018-06-28 the Beijinger

→ abC Art Book Fair Returns to 798 This Weekend With Talks, Workshops, Publications, and Tattoos 

Since its inaugural edition in 2015, the abC Art Book Fair has grown into a mammoth event, amalgamating a vast militia of local and international editorial projects under its banner. Now in its third edition, the fair hits Beijing this year for a week of activities, talks, workshops, short-length exhibitions, book launches, and even a pop-up tattoo studio.