Compilation Shanghai

by Deng Yun, Peng Ke, Shen Li, Sun Zhongjia, Wang Haotian, Yuan Xiaopeng


date: Sep 2018
page: 24 pages
size: 21cm × 30cm
binding: staple binding
numbers: 50 × 6


$ 18.00 

6 Chinese emerging photographers, one publication to visually capture Shanghai and its new exciting photography community.Like a music compilation, the limited edition book mixed the works of selected participants, offering a visual insight into contemporary China.




by 531


date:  2019.08
page: 64 pages
size: 14cm × 18.5cm
binding: coil binding
numbers: 80
printed by good press


$ 32.00 

531: “When I went there, it’s the first place; when I came back, it became the second place. I painted the third place and printed the fourth place. By that I mean, the Burma I went, there are many of them.

Burma is the latest publication of the collaboration between DREAMER FTY and artists. It is printed by Risograph , bound by transparent coils, filled with handmade surprises. Welcome to discover the secrets in Burma.