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The “Book Nomad” project is an initiative of abC Art Book Fair. Since the pandemic, abC has continued to cooperate and exchange with the global art publishing communities actively. Through projects such as “abC Online Art Book Fair” and “Book Reunited Nations,” abC continues to introduce overseas publications to Chinese readers, trying to bridge the information and cultural gap caused by objective conditions.

Under the curatorial theme of “Nomadic and Imagined,” the 7th abC Art Book Fair plans to launch the “Book Nomad” project to explore the possibilities of independent publishing and distribution through self-practice. We hope to bring cutting-edge, independent art publications from China and other countries and regions to global readers in a curated manner.

Focusing on “Asianness,” with the theme of “Nomadic and Imagined,” the project will select a collection of art publications, which will be sent to the next destination by logistics.

It has completed a tour of Southeast Asia and is in the process of touring Europe.


The Second Tour of the BOOK NOMAD

The 5th stop(20-22 October 2023)


Vienna Art Book Fair #2

Over the course of three days the Vienna Art Book Fair #2 provides a platform for artists, collectives, self-publishers, small publishing houses, antiquarian booksellers, art libraries, institutions, printers, collectors and for all those who are dedicated to the medium of the book. On this weekend the Expositur Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7 will be turned into a booklovers adventure park. The artists’ book as a democratic work of art will be the focus of the VABF. Hence, it is of great importance for us to keep the event free and open to the public.



Newly-added by Vienna Art Book Fair:

Take a Walk

Author: Junya Li

Publisher: Mark Pezinger Verlag



In the 20th century, walking has become a widespread contemporary art practice: Stanley Brouwn, Francis Alys, Trisha Brown, to name a few. Chinese artist Junya Li retells this art history of walking by making simplified sketches of the artists' walks and arranging them according to the length of the walk. Beginning with Claude Catellan “From Sand to Dust” at 0m and ending with Marina Abramovic & Ulay “The Lovers” at 21,196,012m.


The Shameful Chrysanthemum / 恥菊

Author: Sayo Senoo

Publisher: northing / pamflett Bergen



In the history of mankind, peace always seems tenuous and ephemeral. We are living in a world that is constantly transitioning from one war to the next, regardless of the scale and range. There are always people, mostly those in leading positions, that seek meanings and purposes in wars, or worse, getting rich and powerful from them, and patriotic youngsters, engaged and incentivized by the propaganda, that turn into soldiers and warriors who are willing to fight to the end for the promised honour. But does honour exist in any kind of war?

When Japanese artist Sayo Senoo visited Norway for the first time as a 10-year-old child, she didn’t yet know how to answer the questions she received about the Second World War and the role Japan played in Asia. She just remembered the sad and remorseful feeling that she was educated to bear, as most people from Japan had. Now in her adulthood, as an artist, she works dedicatedly on inspiration and materials from historical events concerning radioactivity (Fukushima nuclear disaster, atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, etc.) She finally found an intuitive but artistic way, though fragmented, to answer these questions.


NANG Magazine Issue No. 9

Publisher: NANG Magazine



Issue 9 is dedicated to Archival Imaginaries. Archivists, artists, filmmakers, curators, and scholars of Asian cinema were invited to eschew the well-trodden “survey of the archival landscape” route and present instead imaginaries of the archive and imaginaries through archives—from film to art, from personal to collective, from private to institutional, from analog to digital, from existing to potential and impossible ones.

Encompassing essays, documents, conversations, accounts, and creative writing, this Issue considers the powers and limits of both archives and archiving. In so doing, it articulates some of the alternative pasts and speculative futures that these may enable and engender.

We hope to creatively open the past for critique and assert possibilities for the future, for us to reassess and respond to our present conditions and emphasize the importance of our cinematic and media heritages. Through archival imaginaries we point toward what we wish to make real.


51 Tan

Author: Cao Feile

Publisher: 51 Personae



51 Tan is a commissioned record of the Shanghai street vendors that Cao Feile, one of the 51 Personae, took notice of and made observation of from 2016 to early 2017. Initially published as a series of social media posts on the 11th Shanghai Biennale’s WeChat platform in the form of Lianhuanhua, or Chinese pulp comics, the record outlines a collection of itinerant peddlers she took efforts to approach, get close to, and interact with. The details are vivid, subtle, and warmly human—the way the peddlers decorate their places, the logic with which they make construction, the materials they use, the spatial strategies they develop, and the way they communicate with pedestrians through these strategies. The 39 stories (instead of the expected 51) were eventually compiled into a book designed by Wu Jiayin in 2019 and printed on thin, unadorned paper. At this time, many peddlers in the book have already vanished from the streets. Peddlers build their businesses on the trust, however fleeting, of people passing by, but they themselves make the easiest targets for urban governance—they are seen as problems to be solved and when they are “solved” the effect is most visible. After making this study of peddlers as a professional architect, the author of this book, Cao Feile, stopped and withdrew from her previous job as a commercial architect (involved in urban renewal and development) and have turned to a kind of architectural practice that is more fundamental and critically engaged.


The (Im)possibility of Art Archives: Theories and Experience in/from Asia

Publisher: 51 Personae



This edited volume aims to fill the gap in the research, juxtaposition, and focused discussions in the existing literature on art archives in Asia. Most of the archives included in the book are independent and initiated by individuals, folk groups, or non-profit organizations. In this book, one can trace the dynamics and self-generative capacity in this particular historical and cultural milieu through these “alternative” archives and through the practices of artists and curators who apply their specific understanding of archive to their works. Many chapters resonate with each other in that they capture the experiences shared by many places in Asia. Those experiences could have resulted from the encounter with the Western idea of archive, the influence of the colonial experience, or a memory crisis triggered by the rapid transformation of media, and may serve as a basis for producing archive theories in/from Asia. The book provides an opportunity for the archives in Asia and those who work around them to recognize one another, understand what their colleagues in archival work do, how they do it and what else there is for them to do.


The 4th stop(29 September 2023 — )





Thu - Sat 12am - 6pm
Schietbaanstr 17, Rotterdam NL



The 3rd stop(13-17 June 2023)



einBuch.hasu is a project gallery based in Berlin. The central exhibition ethos is to showcase a book in the form of an exhibition (in German: “Ein Buch in Form einer Ausstellung”) thereby transferring the form of a book into three-dimensional spaces.

The exhibition programme features international artists and designers whose work responds to the medium of artists’ books. Starting from the content and material production of a book, einBuch.haus collaborates with the artists to develop the exhibition into various media and presentations. With an interdisciplinary approach, the programme highlights and enhances both the visual and tactile aspects of the reading experience.



@einbuch.haus (https://www.instagram.com/einbuch.haus)


Florastraße 61 13187 Berlin


Newly-added by einBuch.haus

White House

Author: Mikyung Song

Publisher: nomadelab Publishing



In White House Book, where all letters have disappeared, I discover another “I” that silently and without a word only observes. My “I” wants to stage writings and sounds within the stories of the two White House works in a paradoxical manner. They seem to coexist, but yet the writings and sounds that differ from each other separate and gather. This ambivalent „I“ is living in two different spaces filled with writings and sounds. Berlin and Seoul, the two cities „I“ live in, would shake me again and again and cause dizziness inside me. When I think about it, I am standing right in the middle of the sounds of those both cities. They pretend to help each other only to impede each other. Carrying these incomplete feelings and memories inside of me and being an existence that is a component of this world I myself am one of the sounds of this world, that I am going to show in White House.
text: Mikyung Song


Dunkle Paarung

Author: Wie-yi T.Lauw

Publisher: backbonebooks



At first glance, the conceptual publication Dunkle Paarung by Wie-yi T. Lauw is deceptive. There is an absence of images. Only through an active intervention by the reader (tearing the perforated pages open), the hidden content of the book uncovers as flowers that bloom; only to reveal their beauty.

This act indicates the violence and striving for domination of colonial powers, which Wie-yi T. Lauw pursues in her work. In her scanned floral compositions, she deals with the collection of exotic plants as an instrument of colonization processes, which can itself be interpreted as cultural appropriation.


Title / タイトル

Publisher: Rahel Zoller and Asami Murakami



The Western and Japanese book in a dialogue with each other, create two conceptual frameworks that invite the reader to explore the book format and its tradition. When naming the top and the bottom of a book in Japan the top is called: 天 sky or heaven and the bottom 地 ground or earth whereas in Western publishing, the top is called head and the bottom tail: this originates from the animal skin a book was bound in historically.


Another Reading. Contemporary Book Design from China

Author: Ed. Jumping He

Publisher: Hesign



This catalog is published on the occasion of the exhibition "Another Reading - Contemporary Book Design from China" at the Center for Visual Arts Berlin.

The exhibition, “Another Reading - Contemporary Book Design from China”‚ creates a unique platform for pioneers of contemporary book design from China in Berlin. Nearly 150 outstanding books with the finest Chinese printing and binding techniques can be explored up close. Topics range from traditional crafts and Chinese character design to modern Chinese literature and contemporary art.

More than 20 leading Chinese graphic designers in the field of contemporary book design are participating in the exhibition, especially many female designers. Although they come from different regions of China and different generations, they are all passionate about book design. However, what they earn from book design does not match their passion and work. Looking at these wonderful designs, we all know that it is the charm of books themselves that has driven these lively and influential designers in contemporary China.


Publishing as Method: Ways of Working Together in Asia

Author: Ed. Lim Kyung Yong and Helen Jungyeon Ku

Publisher: Mediabus (Seoul)

Design: Sulki and Min



This book explores art publishing today, particularly small-scale publishing practices in Asia. With this focus, it attempts to contextualise the increasingly important publishing practices in contemporary art within Asia’s historical and regional contexts. The book features a diverse range of interviews and essays contributed by various publishers, artists, curators, collectives, distribution spaces, and designers. The interviews conducted since 2020 particularly shed light on the complexities and possibilities of artistic practices in the post-pandemic era. This book is also part of a larger research project of the same title that Mediabus, a publishing collective in Seoul, has been conducting since 2020 and has been realised as an exhibition, publication, and a documentary film. - text adapted from book.


The 2nd stop(11 Apr 2023)



JBE (JEAN BOÎTE ÉDITIONS) publishes books in the digital age. In the fields of arts, humanities and poetics. With international artists and authors. For a worldwide distribution.

JBE is a book maker of and for the 21st century.

90 rue de la Folie-Méricourt, 75011 Paris

Newly-added by JBE BOOKS:

Against Translation

Author: Kenneth Goldsmith

Publisher: JBE BOOKS



Against Translation is an unreleased essay by Kenneth Goldsmith. Jean Boîte Éditions publishes it here in eight languages, in eight books gathered in a boxcase – English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic.
The author discusses the impasses and shortcomings of translation, this “approximation of discourse that produces a new discourse” and he opposes the notion of displacement, a phenomenon born of globalization: if people and objects are moved, so it will for language. 


My Photo Books

Author: Lina Scheynius

Publisher: JBE BOOKS



Taken between 1991 and 2018, these photographs offer us an unprecedented insight into the life of a 21st-century woman.


Kim Jong Il Looking at Things

Author: João Rocha

Publisher: JBE BOOKS



This uninterrupted series of photographs of North Korea’s Dear Leader looking at things, fascinates with its formal rigor and intensity. Without taking away from these photographs their primary function, that of elevating Kim Jong Il to the rank of icon, this series shifts the subject and the stakes of the propaganda. The icon changes to taxonomy, the viewer is being watched, and the meaning of this images breaks away.

Accompanied by an essay by Marco Bohr entitled Looking at Kim Jong Il Looking at Things, the book reveals the sources of our fascination for these accumulated images on the Internet – these memes – analyzing how a series of apparently innocent photographs becomes viral and attractive.


what time is it?

Author: Franck Leibovici

Publisher: JBE BOOKS



After de l’amour (JBE Books, 2019), Franck Leibovici invites us to a journey into six centuries of Western painting history through a simple question: what time is it? Relying on everyday knowledge and ancestral gestures – telling the time thanks to the sun –, using tools accessible to all (google street view, suncalc.org) as well as osint (open source intelligence), the artist completely renews the metadata of iconic paintings, offering us an extremely refreshing approach to the history of art.


The 1st stop(9 Feb - 21 Feb 2023)



COMMERCE is a new space opening in Milan focused on independent publishing and the exploration the contemporary.

Alongside stocking catalogues, readers, cultural and critical writings, artsist books, magazines and selected objects, they also offer a rich program of exhibitions, talks and workshops.


Via Tadino 30, 20124 Milano IT

Newly-added by COMMERCE:

GENDA #3 Endless Scenarios
Publisher: a+mbookstore



Genda is a magazine intersecting Western and Eastern culture. Two sets of editorial staff – one in Italy and one in China – first identify a common theme which is then elaborated through the misunderstandings and complicities at the base of every concrete exchange. Genda has a title, it seeks out the conditions for triggering new questions. Its contents are apparitions; their original order is recomposed in the pages where an incidental and unexpected factor – of which the authors are aware – exists.

GENDA #2 Animals As Permanent Followers
Publisher: a+mbookstore



Genda is a magazine intersecting Western and Eastern culture. Two sets of editorial staff – one in Italy and one in China – first identify a common theme which is then elaborated through the misunderstandings and complicities at the base of every concrete exchange. Genda has a title, it seeks out the conditions for triggering new questions. Its contents are apparitions; their original order is recomposed in the pages where an incidental and unexpected factor – of which the authors are aware – exists.

X Museum 2020-2021
Publisher: Mousse Publishing



X Museum 2020–2021 is the first chapter in a series of annual publications dedicated to the activity of the newly opened museum. Since its opening in May 2020, X Museum has been committed to nurturing and supporting emerging artists and embracing innovative practices on a global scale, based on critical perspectives and practical concepts. The annual catalog composes a narrative of X Museum’s creative journey during its first year of activity, including exhibitions, public program events, and various off-site activities and collaborations.


Publisher: Mousse Publishing



The publication is the first result of The Post-1998 Shanghai Contemporary Art Archive Research Project, launched by Vigy Jin, Davide Quadrio, and Xu Zhen—founders of the nonprofit space BizArt—to sort through the history of Shanghai’s artistic development from 1998 to 2012. This book represents an important opportunity to explore the actors and the organizations who took part, the production of works, the beginning of the digital revolution, and other projects that shared the aim of having one’s voice heard.

Final Stop of the First Tour:

The 7th abC Art Book Fair Shanghai

(10 Feb - 13 Feb 2023)

5th stop of the Book Nomad: 

(2 Dec - 4 Dec 2022)


KL Art Book Fair (KLABF)

The Kuala Lumpur Art Book Fair (KLABF) is a multi-day event where publications are showcased and sold by exhibitors from various creative backgrounds, including artists, illustrators, designers, independent publishers, writers, photographers, institutions, and printmakers.
Open to the public, the fair will also feature a roster of exciting programmes including talks and workshops.

The Godown, KL
11 Lorong Ampang 50250, Kuala Lumpur



Newly-added by KLABF:

SEARCH Vol. 1: Independence
Publisher: Lain-Lain Design

SEARCH vol. 1: Independence is an independent graphic magazine that seeks to uncover and investigate the designs, subcultures, and changemakers that are reshaping the creative landscape of Southeast Asia. Every issue takes a single theme and explores it from a design point of view, with a focus on local and regional perspectives. It aims to offer alternate perspectives and narratives about design across Southeast Asia.

Process Magazine Vol. 2: “Forms of Contemplation”

Publisher: Analogue Practices Enterprise 



On the cover is Malaysian musician OJ Law at home in Kuala Lumpur. In our second issue, we explore the merits of doing nothing. Introspection and reflection are critical elements of the creative process, so why don’t we allow ourselves to do nothing more often? We speak to OJ Law, Atira Ariffin, Sharon Chin, Max Jala and Mandy Gioh to understand how stopping to smell the roses can be an unsung form of influence.

Banned in KL, Astro Boy Rides the Wave to Sky Kingdom on A Grasshopper: Malaysia in Fifteen Postcards
Publisher: Cloud Projects Enterprise 

Author: Lim Sheau Yun, Simon Soon and Ong Kar Jin 



One postcard for every decade from the 1880s to the 2020s. Experience a history of Malaysia through visual artefacts as told by Universiti Malaya Professor Dr. Simon Soon, architectural researcher Lim Sheau Yun, and digital researcher Ong Kar Jin. From ice cream wrappers in the 1980s to the Syair Ghayat Al-Muna in the 1900s, this full-colour book is a journey through the layered stories that these objects hold. Each historical image is printed on perforated pages that can be liberated and used as postcards or as gorgeous decorations; once torn, fold the book in and voila, you have a tinier version of the book. 

4nd stop of the Book Nomad: 

(25 Nov - 27 Nov 2022)



Initiated by STUDIO150 in partnership with BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY since 2017, BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR (BKKABF) is an annual event aimed to bring together self-publishing and co-creating community to contribute in discovering and exchanging ideas, cultural ideals, and artistic aspirations.


Newly-added by BKKABF:

Our Table

Author: Natcha Taechajunta

Publisher: Natcha Taechajunta



Our Table tells five stories of five Thai families with various lifestyles, with each interpreted into a publication through experimental design. The stories are told through photographs taken from the perspective of family members and their interviews, which shed light on the livelihood in Thai families through shared dining among many other ordinary activities.


Weather Report

Author: Patsachon Toyingpaiboon

Publisher: Patsachon Toyingpaiboon



How does the weather affect designers' works? Why do they always feel so drowsy and lethargic in the winter despite getting more than ten hours of sleep? What effects do environmental changes have on our daily lives? Starting with the author's travel to study abroad in Germany, where the climate is different from the sultry one of Thailand, 'Weather Report' is written in the form of a diary over the course of a year and a half to record and report the weather through the author's perspective, perception, and livelihood. The record is kept not only by writing an entry a day, but also by drawing a potato a day - a common food of the area that the author is not as familiar with as rice - with the intention of turning the unfamiliar into pictures to tell a story about daily life in the context of the drastically changed surroundings.

Whisper Game (from first-person pronoun to third-person pronoun)

Author: Atipat Pooksrisuk

Publisher: Atipat Pooksrisuk



Written based on a story of a family that lived during the Cold War and encountered with socio-political and cultural issues and narrated in the form of a family history, Whisper Game touches on issues like arranged marriage, patriarchal society, educational prejudice against certain disciplines, identity creation in society, and nationalism. The book's title is inspired by the whispering game, in which a message is whispered through a line of players and warped by cumulative errors, much like how family stories are made up of the obvious and the blurry, the continuous and the discrete. Nevertheless, even though messages are passed down, from the first-person to third-person perspectives, they are still regarded as histories that compel us to reflect and debate on to better comprehend our own stories and those of others.

The Art of Thai Comics - A Century of Strip and Strips

Author: Nicolas Verstappen

Publisher: River Books



The Art of Thai Comics - A Century of Strip and Strips is a culmination of research on the history of Thai cartoons from 1900 to 2020, narrated in the form of timelines of the styles, publishers, and cartoonists that were influential in each of the periods, such as the development of temple mural painting into comic strip, narratives revolving around traditions and Buddhism into those touching on political and entertainment issues, popular caricatures in the early 20th century by Siamese nobles who went on field trips to Europe and learned about Western arts and sciences, and publishing house industry landscape that began to thrive in 1957.

Color Book

Author: Sakurako Nagaiwa

Publisher: Arc Press



This book captures vivid lives of the city. Nagaiwa interested in small details, color palletes and patterns that created by random objects and people. "I always aim for different color combinations. My inspiration indeed came from all the things I see or I feel. Nevertheless, I search everyday for new stimuli and new things to be inspired from."- Sakurako Nagaiwa

3rd stop of the Book Nomad: 

(15 Oct - 29 Oct 2022)


Temporary Unit

Temporary Unit is an inconvenient bookshop and occasional workshop/exhibition space run and occupied by gideon-jamie (www.gideon-jamie.com)

22 New Industrial Road #06-01/02 Singapore

Newly-added by Temporary Unit:

Exercise Book

Author: Cat Hu

Publisher: Temporary Press



Exercise Book is a work by Cat Hu, originally tediously hand drawn copy by copy, now slightly less tediously reproduced using the Risograph (every page is still based on a hand drawn original). In the artist’s words, “this exercise book is fully functional, if you do not mind someone else’s hands with you while you write”.


Cat Hu is a Singaporean artist working primarily in sculpture and print media. Her work tends to behave like puns, pulling multiple meanings together in one form such that both can coexist. She is curious about props, replicas, forgeries, and the difference between being something and being something-shaped. 

The Great Pretenders (special issue for The 26th Phylliidae Convention)

Author: Robert Zhao Renhui
Publisher: The Institute of Critical Zoologists (ICZ) 


This artist publication, which presents itself as a scientific journal, is as perfectly disguised as the leaf insects documented in the publication. The 6 photographs contained within this journal issue are carefully made and presented by Robert Zhao, to the point where people sometimes believe that they do not actually exist. In this work, as much as the intent is embedded in the pictures, it is also weaved into the writing and design of the publication. It is an obviously simple work that communicates both fiction and truth.


Singaporean visual artist Robert Zhao Renhui works mainly with photography but often adopts a multidisciplinary approach by presenting images together with documents and objects. 


The Institute of Critical Zoologists (ICZ), founded by Robert Zhao has been researching and documenting nature in urban cities, gathering a varied collection of research materials that merge factual and fictional elements. By surveying the impact of human beings in the city, the ICZ maps out lines of interaction and retreat. It also investigates dynamics of connectedness and confrontation triggering reflections on states of vulnerability and conditions of survival in the age of globalisation. 

Vanishing Workflows

Author: Xavier Antin with Gideon Kong

Publisher: Temporary Press



Departing from a time-based installation within an eponymous exhibition in Singapore, Vanishing Workflows explores how the representation and (re)production in book/printed form could simultaneously be informed by and expand on meanings found in the artist’s work and practice. This intention is further contextualised in a 9-page closing conversation between the press (Gideon Kong) and the artist. Publication contains 19 images that are Risograph printed in different 3-colour combinations using orange, green, medium blue, flat gold, yellow, and purple.


Halfway between graphic design and visual art, Xavier Antin’s work aims to highlight and question the conditions and chains of production and reproduction of objects. His work reflects on the way modern technologies determine our belief systems. 

Tom’s Day Out

Author: Lai Yu Tong
Publisher: Thumb Books



Tom’s Day Out is a story about Tom, a boy born after the end of the world. He develops a liking for cars and learns about them through his uncle as they journey through the post-apocalyptic landscape.


Lai Yu Tong is an artist based in Singapore. He makes works about the things he sees, things he eats, things he buys, things he throws away, and other things. 


Thumb Books is a small independent press that makes children’s books for both children and adults.

笔迹 script/notes

Author: Hong Shu-ying




笔迹 script/notes looks at 17 years worth of hand-copied and hand-annotated scores from Shu’s collection. Through observing and re-presenting these markings, she considers the way language and customs are developed in social groups and how it borrows and evolves from existing and adjacent communities.


Hong Shu-ying engages in process-led projects to clarify and negotiate how vocabularies and customs act as a shorthand for communities that she belongs to. She is fascinated by the creative potential of familiarity, both as a narrative tool and source of enquiry. Informed by her lived experiences and growing up in Singapore, she is a keen observer of the traces people leave on and for each other. 


THEBOOKSHOW is a platform supporting art book making and self-publishing based in Singapore. It acts as an avenue for artists to showcase self-published art books in exhibitions and art festivals in hopes to bring upon renewed perspectives of the medium. 

2nd stop of the Book Nomad:

(1 Sep - 20 Sep 2022)


 pon ding

No. 6, Ln. 53, Sec. 1, Zhongshan N Rd.,Taipei 10441, Taiwan
+886 2 25377281


Newly-added by pon ding:

Tropical Reading: Photobook and Self-Publishing

Author: Liu Chao-tze, Lin Junye

Publisher: pon ding &  Fotobook DUMMIES Day


Tropical Reading: Photobook and Self-Publishing is divided into three parts: a) artists; b) art bookstores; c) photobooks and self-publishing scenes; plus, an appendix and an index of ten cities. A bilingual publication, the English version reads from left to right; the Chinese version right to left. 
The first section illustrates the photography practitioners and artist collectives from each city in Southeast Asia, examining why they chose to get into self-publishing. The second section explores the ways in which independent art bookstores came to be the social parlors of the self-publishing crowd. The third section island-hops between the photobook and self-publishing phenomena of recent years, observing how the outsider artists, archives and arts initiatives of Southeast Asia came to shape the face of photography and self-publishing in their respective cities. As an appendix, “So, Why Photobook?” explores the changing meaning of the term “photobook” in different linguistic contexts, the myriad of links between the term and the physical object – and ultimately, why exactly we do photobooks.  
The final part of the book, the index, is a compilation of our project field research, condensing the profiles of all the interviewees – from people to bookstores to organizations – to make a kind of alternative Yellow Pages for the Southeast Asian art scene.  



Author: Wu Meichi

Publisher: pon ding


As a metaphor of earthly feasts and scenery, this photobook “PICNIC” explores the relationship and fetters between people, through artist Wu Mechi’s obsession with objects.
This time, Wu Meichi uses still life images to express abstract emotions. She observes that no matter if the power is equivalent or not, we must get used to and maintain peace, even though it is sometimes partially forced or violently forced to accept kindness by others. Starting with a private picnic date, she created a series of splendid collage images to symbolize the process of emotional changes between people at unpredictable moments; maybe it’s due to the weather, the tone, or perhaps it’s not for any reason. She accepts the fact that people’s psychological state is not controllable, which made her turn into the image creation world of collage and landscaping. In the process of unbridled creation, she has regained the possibilities of picnics. Under the little picnic mat, despotism, hesitation, sorrow and joy, impermanence…etc. is buried within. It is hard to experience the feelings until you encounter the scenario in person.



write a poem

Author: Yo Yang

Publisher: DOOKS 


Taiwanese photographer Yo yang's first photo book for DOOKS. She takes commercial photographs, but what does she photograph in her daily life? The fragmented images, some of which may or may not be photographs, combine with the scripture-like structure of the book to create a story (poem) that weaves horizontally and vertically, arranged like a timeline on a social networking site, speaking to us in a language that cannot be translated. I hope you will find it interesting to decipher what is hidden in the book.


A Firetime Story

Author: Eva Lin

Publisher: dmp editions


The art project, The Hidden South, is an experiment that has Taitung’s indigenous townships in the South-link region as a starting point and brings contemporary art into an unknown realm to facilitate exchange with and learning from the local culture. “The south” in this context does not refers to the geographical south. Instead, it beckons a deeper spiritual world that emerges from our connection with nature when we are given an opportunity to leave existing knowledge and logic behind to perceive the world rather with bodily senses and memory.

In the village, we often make a fire. Upon seeing the fire, it feels like that we are finally home. The power of fire not only kindles the life of civilizations, but also manifests two completely different states; it is an imagery of interweaving virtuality and reality as well as a medium that connects heaven and earth. Most of the stories and ideas in The Hidden South were born around the fire; and this is the origin of the book title, “a firetime story.” My experience of “the hidden south” has been a certain diverse and heterogenous oscillating process between past and present, tradition and innovation as well as myths and histories. Through The Hidden South, it is hoped that people could regain the ability to connect with nature, dreams and reality, preserving the fleeting inspiration within a rational mind.


Les 100 chemins

Author: Huang Jia

Publisher: Huang Jia


Roads, is composed of four documentary projects: "The Shoreline", "Haribo Village", "Dandori didn’t know the place where he arrived was Paris" and "Silence is speaking". In her work, the core is collaborative documentary photography, for which she has worked with autistic kids from Taiwan, a refugee who fled the war and settled in Paris, as well as gypsy children from Marseille. As we contemplate these individuals who live on the margins of society and yet possess extraordinary creativity, what Chia Huang continually tries to describe is our pain and our desire to live in an unnamed place.




the Book Nomad booklist:


Publisher: art book in China



Initiated by the editorial department of art book in China in November 2019, the bilingual magazine P_PAL was published in July 2020. It focuses on art books and bookmakers, emphasizing on the art publishing panorama of the Greater China Area.

dash issue 0: layers

Publisher: atelier Anchor


"dash" is a non-schedule visual culture journal about "words", published in both electronic and physical formats. The theme of this pilot issue is about words in urban life and public space, such as streets, stores, posters, advertisements, etc. "dash" invites four creators to step into different spatial fields, exploring the diverse expressions of fonts in urban public space, transforming words from a tool for writing to a subject to be written. "layer" is the editorial idea of the journal. Readers will find in this issue the stacking of layers of text, the dissection of layers of accumulated visual impressions, and the deep analysis of time and space, memory and social texture. In addition, the pilot issue has a "dash" booklet - for the whole publication, the booklet is a true dash, a continuation, a connection, an interruption, a twist, and a complement.


te No.1 The Lost Society

Publisher: te-magazine



te is an annual bilingual publication of contemporary art and cultural anthropology. Each issue expands on a specific theme, and we invite practitioners in diverse fields to explore and reflect on the dynamic cultural landscapes across regions. Recurring motifs include the fluidity of cultures, languages and beliefs in specific communities and the adaptation of individual narratives to the shifting social and geopolitical environment.

te aims to create an open creative platform. The form of our content ranges from essays and interviews to poetry, photography and more. We also publish manuscripts, personal notes, archival records and other primary sources that complement and animate the authors’ reflections. We’d like to see the content te shares with its readers as extending from the professional and creative practices of our contributors in their respective fields; at the same time, we are excited about generating new forms of content through the cross-pollination of ideas, perspectives and approaches inherent in our editorial process.


IndiGo (印度印度)

Arthur: Lu Shan

Publisher: Self-Published


In the summer of 2019, artist Lu Shan traveled to India with her friends. Known for being "prolific", Lu Shan completed more than 200 sketches and several diaries during the trip. Amidst the cityscape - explosion of old buses, bright clothes, night lights tied with flowers, and the crowd of people, Lu Shan was like the most swift and violent animal, capturing information scattered everywhere at any time.

Before 2019 ends, Lu Shan has included her work in her latest self-published book, 印度印度 (IndiGo). To keep books warm in winter, Mama Swallow has hand-sewn book cloths in different fabrics and colors.


Chinese Arms (中国胳膊)

Publisher: fRUITYPRESS

Author: Zhai Ruixin



A documentation of some Chinese arms and tattoos, taken between 2016 - 2018.

Yui Takada AXIS

Publisher: ori.studio

Author: Yui Takada



Built out of 471 individual fragments, comprised of deconstructed work, collected and documented environmental and contextual elements such as waste bins, tree skin, “no smoking” signs, or newspaper clippings deriving from his daily life, as well as various other experimental projects, this book has become a physical manifestation of the “axis” Takada has created, where an order is generated not through a systematic application of logic, but rather in the acceptance and love for, and in the utilization of chaos which seems to have resulted in a completely new form of existence. Thus this is an object, comprised of layer upon layer of seemingly disparate material, bound together both physically and by an order generated through chaos, that gives us the opportunity to objectively see something who’s contours appear to be in a constant state of flux, and which changes along side the change in perspective from one person to the next.


Publisher: 1and½ Atelier

Author: Bai Kui



赛文 = seven, a colloquial abbrreviation for the well-known convenience store 7-11. The word "中年 (middle year/age)" is a reversed word of “All Year Round” to symbolize the middle-aged citizens who can be occasionally tireless. The project is serialized on social media since 2018. The convenience store is like a street lamp that never goes out, housing millions of strange characters in the city. The stories told in the comic are related to the goods sold in convenience stores, starting with a can of drink and ending with a box of salad. If you are also a fan of convenience store, don't miss this comic. 


The Blind Men and the Elephant

Author: Xiao Longhua

Publisher: 1 and Half Atelier


The Blind Men and the Elephant is the proposition creation of Xiao Longhua. The story in this picture book comes from old Buddhist sutras. You will see four born blinds came from "Mirari" Kingdom. They were trying to comprehend an elephant only by touch. After the King Mirror got the results from the four blinds, he transformed the huge elephant into a lightweight butterfly. It was a dramatic and touching moment. The butterfly began to dance and transform kaleidoscopically and endlessly. 

The cover is hided in blue. When you touch this area, the blue will fade away. Touching is the thread of the whole story, and also an important revelation of transforming. In the last opposite page, you can take down the four shapes of paper on it. While reassembling the various parts freely, you will take your own experience of the touching moment.



Cao Fei: HX

Author: Cao Fei

Publisher: The Pavilion, Serpentine Galleries


Cao Fei: HX  takes Cao Fei's studio, the former Hongxia Theatre, as a starting point, and expands out into neighbouring Jiuxianqiao and Dashanzi Districts. The theatre was built during a period of intense industrial development throughout the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Working like an archaeologist, Cao Fei seeks to propose alternative versions of the theatre and its history, as neither the narrative of China's electronic industry  nor the life and fate of an entire generation has been fully explored until now. The HX project has become an ambitious time-space complex, and the resulting publication developed alongside the project has taken shape over the course of this long-term research.



51 Tan

Author: A chronicler

Publisher: 51 Personae, Lee Chun Fung


51 Tan, or 51 street stalls, is an ongoing documentation project by one of the participants of the 51 Personae project, as part of the 11th Shanghai Biennale 2016 – 2017. The author’s drawings and sketches outline her observations of these stalls, scattered around Shanghai, from the perspective of a customer or a passer-by, noting details of their set-up, rationale of their design, materials used, spatial strategies and even conversations overheard—and form a subtle and human record. When the book was first published in 2019, many of the stalls featured can no longer be found, for street hawkers, whose business depends on the fleeting trust of people on the move, are also the easiest and most visible targets in campaigns to tidy up the cityscape.

Poem Three Piece

Author: Yuchen Chang

Publisher: Yuchen Chang


This book is a house with four rooms: three poems written by Yuchen occupy three rooms; the word “poetry” translated into coral—a written language that Yuchen has been developing, plus a small piece of wrapping paper, occupy the fourth room. Poems were written during Yuchen’s participation in the workshop series /Poetry/Race/Form hosted by Fan Wu and Zoe Imani Sharpe, in 2020 on zoom.



c-site.3: Other

Publisher: da大 in print


c-site (c = conversation) is based around an interdisciplinary discussion surrounding a singular topic, exploring it in physical and metaphysical terms. It has been removed from the typical interviewer/interviewee archetype. Rather, it has been formatted to take place in a sequential manner (a b) , (b c) … (j a) where participant (a) will ask a question to participant (b), who after answering will ask a question to the next person down the list (c), so as to achieve a more natural and autonomous form of dialogue. 

The theme of this issue is "other". The scale, distance, shape and complexity of ‘other’ is also constantly disturbed by the addition of new objects or by a change in scene and context. Can ‘other’ exist at the same scale as a single cell? Can a subject coincide, replace, or influence ‘other’ from its own perspective? What are the differences in perspective from inside and outside in regards to ‘other’? If boundaries are blurred, how can we define what is ‘other’? Can the space (or interlaced relationship) between ‘other’ and a subject be observed? How many instances of ‘other’ can be generated through fixed-point observation? How can we distinguish ‘other’ from the white space which surrounds it? Can the original nature of things and the nature of ‘other’ be switched? Are there a variety of methods in forming ‘other’? From our own perspectives, can the phenomenon of ‘other’ be described as an illusion? Can ‘other’ in relation to time coexist with ‘other’ in relation to space?


Inter-Asia Self-organized Woodcut Mapping III: Institution and Beyond

Publisher: Inter-Asia Woodcut Mapping


The third issue of ”Woodcut Zine“ focuses on the idea of "institution" as to explore the relationship between self-organized practice and official institution. In the context of contemporary art, the term "institution" generally refers to art galleries, exhibitions, or art organizations run by the government or large-scale capital. Yet, from a conceptual level, it can also refer to a way of organization or existing ideologies that constructs intangible power in the society. Here, is the self-organized woodcut practice and "institution“ an absolute binary relationship, or is it complementing each other?



paan #1 Crossing Fireline

Publisher: paan


paan is an annual, bilingual independent journal dedicated to Asian cultural issues, features original writings of any kind and works on paper around a specific subject matter in each issue. 

Standing firmly from the Inter-Asia perspective, a group of writers and artists unite to strive to remove the thrombus from colonial history, the cold war through direct interaction with each other within Asia.



magazine into issue1:

Publisher: subfictions


Magazine into’s issue #1 “MADE-LAND” presents the past, present and future of Chinese furniture design in three separate volumes. In “MADE-LAND 2021”, they discuss the status quo and challenges encountered by design thinking involved in traditional Chinese manufacturing. In “MADE-LAND 1920s-’90s”, they invited artist Lanqing Zhu to complete a set of visual creations, restore the simple emotions of Chinese families and furniture in the past few decades. “MADE-LAND 2050”, based on the development history of the past 30 years, they try to infer what Chinese design might be like in 30 years.



Monday OFF issue#2 Medical Cosmetology

Publisher: Monday OFF


Monday OFF is a zoom lens into the rapidly evolving youth culture, their publication consisting of 50% visual creation, 40% text, 10% advertisement (a montage of the real and spoof).

The theme of Monday OFF Issue#2 is Medical Cosmetology, which explores what beauty is from the contemporary perspective of “becoming beautiful” with an anthropological eye. Is there such a thing as standard beauty? Could we understand that medical cosmetology is a sign that beauty is becoming more of a medical element, evolving beyond its traditional definition, and the two-dimensional discussions about it? Are artists still the creators of beauty, or has this right been given to the invisible hands? 



Prickly Paper: The Story of Liu Sheng

Publisher: Prickly Paper


The cover of Prickly Paper  for each issue was made with woodblock prints by different artists, and the inner pages are printed by a home printer. The article submissions and layouts of each issue depend on the subject. 

In the spring of 2020, Prickly Paper launched a special issue called The Story of Liu Sheng. Liu Sheng is a delivery man, who often delivers packages to staff in our editorial team. Later he became friends with the editor Chen Yifei on WeChat. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Liu Sheng was stuck in his hometown Xiantao in Hubei province and was unable to return to work. After scrolling through Liu's updates on his WeChat page, Yifei found that he makes a perfect narrator. Then he asked for Liu's permission to compile the contents he posted and interviewed his friends and him. Yifei also invited past contributors to write responses to the interviews and made a special issue based on Liu Sheng's personal life.


Dispatches from TETRIS: A March from the highlands to the Mountain City and the Island

Publisher: IFP 


“TETRIS: A March From the Highlands to the Mountain City and the Island” is a project initiated by Institute for Provocation (IFP),  a Beijing-based independent art space.

From August 17 to September 1, 2020, dozens of artists, researchers, curators, and journalists embarked on a 15-day journey, traversing over 4300 kilometers to visit seven sites in Xining, China on the border of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; Yushu in the Kham Tibetan region; Lanzhou on theOld Silk Road; the outer suburbs, countryside, mountainsof Chongqing; and Guishan Island at the mouth of the PearlRiver. Along the way, IFP organized topical discussions, presentations, field trips, residencies, and improvisational sessions in the context of their respective natural and social environments that enabled participants to experience and discuss social issues such as ethnic segregation,  rural reconstruction, infrastructure fetishism in the field...

24 Mails from the Railway

Author: Cheng Xinhao 

Publisher: Jiazazhi 


December 1, 2019, Cheng Xinhao departed from Kunming. He decided to walk along the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway, of which the end is the ocean. During this journey, he picked up a piece of railway ballast for every kilometer, and sent one email to a fictitious friend X every night. Eventually, it took him 19 days to cover the part of the Yunnan of the whole railway, as long as 465 kilometers. The weight of the stone on his body reached more than 20 kilograms, and the amount of the mails was up to 24.

Through these texts and images left over a year ago, 24 Mails from the Railway tells the story of this journey: about the railway, about the land of Yunnan—personal stories once happening on this land, about the colonized history of two East Asian countries, about the modernization of the mountainous areas in Southeast Asia, and also about Cheng Xinhao’s childhood memories and geographical imagination, about his connection with his hometown and the region.

Tu Li Fu

Author: hhs

Publisher: Too Rich Group


This work gradually builds a magical city that is expanding and a real estate developer, Tu Li Fu (Baldrick Rich). This real estate project aims to provide people anxious about urban consumption and life with a place to live in a first-tier city, with second-tier wages, third-tier consumption, and 18th-tier housing prices. The average rent of the apartment is 300 RMB per month, and the ceiling price is less than 100,000 RMB for purchase.

In hss's vision, the origin of Tu Li Fu is expected to form a world entrance of the meta-universe. "In the future, people will go to work in Tu Li City and find their home in the virtual world."

The Bliss of Conformity

Author: Yingguang Guo

Publisher: La Maison de Z


The Bliss of Conformity is a project based on Yingguang Guo’s performance and documentary photography at the matchmaking corner of People’s Park, Shanghai. Her multi-media combination of photography, printmaking, video, performance and artist book aims for melancholia, delicacy, and abstraction related to arranged marriages, and pseudo-intimacy between the husbands and wives who are the victims of such marriages. 

Guo’s artist’s book is created in a global context, aiming to construct multi-layered interconnections between time and space and to express emotions through compositional arrangements. By the use of these artistic practices, the artist is able to explore the problems faced by educated women as individuals in the reality of the contemporary Chinese society.

Beggar Comic Series

Author: Yan Cong

Publisher: Beggar Publishing


Beggar Publishing was founded in 2013. The name comes from the common relationship of artists and patrons - artists are often very noble and many patrons tends to make indiscreet remarks on their artworks. Yan Cong, the founder of Beggar Publishing, believes that artists can put a low profile and "reach out for money", and in this way, the patrons won’t have high expectations on the “beggar’s work”.


A Manual of Khoomei

Author: Xiaoqing Zhu

Publisher: Xiaoqing Zhu


The author of book is an amateur Khoomei practitioner. In recent years, he has understood and summarized some theoretical and practical knowledge of Khoomei through learning and self-study. The original intention of book is not only to facilitate the review and reflection, but also to share it with some friends who are interested in Khoomei art but can't learn it.

This is a guide to the rule of thumb and trap avoidance. In the content page with critical theory of Khoomei related books and personal experience of the author in practice. Suggest that you, depending on their quality and flexible adopt the methods mentioned in the book, as a scaffolding to create own way and style of singing. Want to learn process of Khoomei can bring you connect physical and mental resonance of heaven and earth.

Anything That Flies

Author: Ruben Lundgren

Publisher: art book in China


Many of the wonderful dishes presented in this album go far beyond the common art of plating. The food reliefs, radish sculptures and other eatable delights were created for professional food competitions or served as sample wedding plates from the 1980s onwards. The temporary appearance most likely won over its flavour, but who would care?

Although chickens neither fly nor bath much, they are well represented just like the cranes, ducks and the occasional sparrow. Yes, an exception was made for two lovely flying fish. Don’t forget to look at the side of the plates as well. Not only will you find some of the best baijiu but also, for the true photo-detective, a canned feast of tomato sauce and Flying Wheel luncheon meat.




We are now looking for suitable destinations (any country/region) and curators/spaces willing to join in the project.


The first edition of the “Book Nomad” project will focus on independent art publications related to “Asianness” and will be sent by logistics from Beijing to the next destination. We will invite the destination space to add 3-5 local publications to the book list and display the project for 1-2 weeks. After the exhibition, abC will coordinate the shipment to the next destination. The whole project will last for 1 year.

For those who wish to participate in this project – international art book fair organizers / independent art spaces focusing on art publishing / art bookstores with exhibition space – please send event / venue information to the project coordinator: Yaya Liu (yaya@artbookinchina.com)
For publisher or artist who would like to contribute books to this project, please send your publication information to the content director: Yue Zhou (yue@artbookinchina.com)


Initiator | art book in China is responsible for
-Works related to information integration of publications, coordination, liaison, media promotion, etc
-Costs that may be incurred during the exhibition of this Project at abC Art Book Fairs, including but not limited to exhibition set-up, production, etc
-The cost for shipping the book cabinet (transnationally) to the next destination

Participant is responsible for
-Costs that may be incurred during the exhibition of the Project at the participant’s space, including but not limited to exhibition set-up, production, etc
-The cost for shipping the book cabinet (transnationally) to the next destination
(abC is willing to assist all participants in applying for subsidies from the relevant culture and art funds in their countries for the Project’s content.)



abC expects that all exhibited publications will be well-preserved during the exhibition and shipping and intends to include these publications in the abC-initiated abCa (art book in China archive) after the itinerant tour. The archive specialist will contact each participant about the donation/purchase issues.

Please be aware that all exhibited books are at risk of being abraded, damaged, or lost during the itinerant tour. For this reason, we allow some of the exhibited publications to be displayed locally only, without participating in the subsequent tour, as the books may be rare or single-copy.


-Please make sure all publications submitted to this project has obtained the prior consent from the copyright holder.
-Please make sure all images and text provided to abC are free of third party rights, meaning copyrights and personal rights.
-Please guarantee that it’s ok to use provided images and text, in full or in parts for:
the 2022 abC Art Book Fair Beijing/Shanghai printed catalogue;
abC Official Website: www.artbookinchina.com;
for advertisement purposes in the context of art book in China and other participators on our social media channels;
If any part has more authorizing requirements, please reconfirm via email.